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Chana Dal – (Cholar Dal) – 500 Gram


Chana Dal – (Cholar Dal) – 500 Gram




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Channa dal is a golden yellow, hard, small, rounded, split and husked lentil which is popular in India. It has a mild sweet taste when cooked and is highly nutritious.

Channa dal is a good source of dietary fiber and contains an insignificant amount of polyunsaturated fat. Minerals such as zinc and calcium are present in addition to considerable amounts of protein. It has a low glycemic index, which proves it to be suitable for diabetics despite the high carbohydrate content present and are known to increase glucose tolerance. It also helps treat vomiting, lower cholesterol and improve digestion. Channa dal is mainly used to make curries such as sambar and dal as bread accompaniments. It is also used to make sabjis, vadas and chats.

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